Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whistler With Iz

Another gorgeous day out west. This forced time off has given me more time to ride. And, since Iz has time off between jobs too, we're able to spend time together. What better place to spend time together than riding in Whistler!?

Today we got up around 8 and took our time heading up. With construction stoppages, we arrived close to 1!!

The day almost didn't happen though, for at one of the construction stoppages (if that's a word?) Iz & I decided to pee. No big deal, right? Well, Iz went deeper in to the woods than I to avoid showing off to the other folks stopped, and stepped in a wasps nest!! We had to run out and around for a couple of minutes until they left us alone. Iz hadn't been bitten/stung in a while, and felt a bit of an allergic reaction. Thankfully a Benadryl solved it.

First run of the day, the classic warm up run of Crank it Up to Heart of Darkness. Love it!!

Next we headed to the top and did a jumpy run if Freight Train to Dirt Merchant to A-Line. Sweetness.

Another gondola ride to the top, and another Freight Train ride but this time to Duffman in to Side Track, finished off with A-Line.

Next run was a midway run of Angry Pirate to Whistler Singletrack to Devil's Club to Heart of Darkness.

Iz was rockin' out today, so she decided we needed to step it up a notch. Thus we headed to Schleyer next. We did the top bit and then tore off to Smoke & Mirrors. Near the bottom we linked up with A-Line again as Iz wanted to hit the GLC drop again, and she did it so nicely.

Next was a sweet booter down Crank It Up. We got half way and saw that the bottom was closed at the drop center. So we zipped over to World Cup Downhill and then finished off with Monkey Hands.

A sweet day, finished again with a burger at Splitz Grill, where we witnessed an electrical fire...we almost didn't get our burger!!

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