Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Forced Vacations Rule

For those of you reading this, but not in the 'know', I was let go from Strangeloop Networks Wednesday, September 3/2008. It was a huge shock, as I thought I was doing very well. They cut half the sales team (3) and are moving to a different sales model is what they said, which I apparently didn't fit. Ah well, it's forced me to take time off, and it couldn't have worked out better!

Isabelle recently quite her job (around the same time as I got canned) and doesn't start her new gig until the 1st of October. I just accepted an offer to work for FinCAD, and don't start until October 6th.

This time off together has given us more time to ride, and it's been great! We really couldn't have planned it any better, as the weather has been amazing during this time too!

We were up in Whistler this week, Tuesday the 16th staying overnight to the 17th, and got lots of runs in.

I'm not going to bore you with a blubber blabber about what trails we rode over the two days. Let me just say this; Iz has improved SO much, it's awesome. She was timid, to say the least, of "skinnies" and was not too keen on steep stuff either, but that's all changed as you can see in this video.

Some highlights are that we rode "Goats Gully" together, as well as "Fatcrobat" which Iz is telling me now is one of her favorite trails! We hit up "Schleyer" and "Dirt Merchant" a bunch. Great times!!

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