Sunday, October 26, 2008


I love it when plans work out. Yesterday we rode and hoped to ride again today, and we did!

I took the SkyTrain in to town for 10:30, meeting Terry at the 'Main Street/Science World' stop. We then headed up to Seymour, and met Alex, Adam & Sam there. Terry works with Adam, and Adam invited Sam.

We loaded the truck up, and rode 'CBC' to 'Pingu' to 'Team Pangor'. Pretty much the usual warm up run.

As you may know, poor Alex broke his collarbone earlier in the season, and this was one of his first times back on the bike, so he was not his usual speedy self.

A rare still photo of Alex riding; normally he's too fast, and all you get is blur!

About 3/4 of the way down Adam got a call from his friend Matt (somehow heard the name Michelle?), so Adam invited him to join us for our next lap.

Once we got to the bottom, Alex took Terry back up to get the truck, I grabbed a sandwich, and then before I knew it we were back at the top again!!

'CBC' is the only way I know how to get in to the trails from the top lot that we park at, so it was that trail in again. This time though, before hitting the road, we snuck on to 'TNT'. A very old school trail, a bit more pedally than anything I've ridden on Seymour before, and super fun!

'TNT' was our way to get over to 'Severed Dick'. Don't get mad at me for the trail name, I didn't name it, we just rode it. It was one FUN trail, and well worth the trek across to it's head. Lots of sweet drops and jump on it, mixed with a bit of great steeps and roots. Check out the video of some of the riding from today below!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sterl's Take Two

Dom, Terry & I met at about 11:30 to ride our bicycles.

We started off by heading up and hitting "Sterl's Trail". I wanted to show it to Terry, so that he'd know it for the future.

The weather was great, nice cool fall weather. Both TB & I nailed some of the steeps, as well as the gap jump. Super fun!

What the forest looks like around the trail.

The adventure began at the end of the run though. This being only my second time on the trail, I ended up guiding us out the wrong way. We wound up being 2 exits past where the entrance to the mountain parking spot is!! The right way out takes you right to the spot. Ah well, we got some road saddle time in!!

Dom took Terry back up to grab the truck (thanks Phil!!) so that we could hit one more run and call it a day. And that we did! The run we did was a bit shorter, and I knew where to go when we popped out on the road. A great day all around.

Stay tuned, I may be hitting up Seymour tomorrow with TB!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woodlot Take Two

Fall is upon us. The riding is cooler, and the trails are damper. So why not use people power to go up for a change!?

Terry came over about 10a and we loaded up and headed out to The Woodlot out in Maple Ridge.

This is the second time we've been out there now. The last time was two years ago. Terry, Pasko & I ventured out one evening. We had no real good idea where we were going, and it got dark on us. As such that Woodlot experience wasn't as fun as we'd hoped.

This time was better. We got there before noon, and had a clearer sense as to where we were headed.

Using the map we had from last time, and paying closer attention, we managed to find our way to the trail choosing wheel. Since we had no idea about any of the trails anyway, we used it. We were directed to ride "Cabin Trail" to "Snakes & Ladders".

Terry walking up a path by the hydro cut to figure out where we needed to go.

The trail choosing wheel

We met a couple of other guys at the entrance to "Cabin Trail" and they suggested we hike half way back up to hit "Tsuga" before finishing off with "Snakes". We took their advice, and the hole experience was much better than last time!

Some of the views around the trails

Another nice view

We will visit The Woodlot again. Maybe even again this year!?

Terry is giving the thumbs up on riding here again

Here's Terry riding through the clear cut

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving in The Puddle

Isabelle & I spent Thanksgiving in Williams Lake with our friend Amber, some other friends and her parents. It was so nice of them to have us up, housing and feeding us.

The riding in Williams Lake is something else. Very flowy in some cases, very steep and sandy in others. My favourite was riding through trees on very shallow grade trails, with super soft ground.

The weather treated us super well, no rain the days we rode and the temperature was great on the Sunday. We arrived the Saturday about 2p and rode until nearly 6p, that was a bit cool at around 5 Celsius. Sunday was much nicer; very sunny and around 15 Celsius.

Have a look at the videos and photos below to get an idea about what went on!!

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Whistler Season Shutdown

Last Whistler weekend of the year and it was a good one. Phil, myself and Jake (from BSP) headed up for the last sunday of the year. What can I say other than, "Best day of the year".

Sun was out, temperature was awesome, no whistler dust storms......just pure awesome.

We were there for first chair and must have gotten in at least 8 or 9 runs. Conquered some fun stuff and nobody got hurt. Jake got some photos, so there might be some to put up if they find their way online.

It's going to be a long 7 months till the park opens up next spring, maybe I'll take up shuffle board....or knitting.