Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sterl's Take Two

Dom, Terry & I met at about 11:30 to ride our bicycles.

We started off by heading up and hitting "Sterl's Trail". I wanted to show it to Terry, so that he'd know it for the future.

The weather was great, nice cool fall weather. Both TB & I nailed some of the steeps, as well as the gap jump. Super fun!

What the forest looks like around the trail.

The adventure began at the end of the run though. This being only my second time on the trail, I ended up guiding us out the wrong way. We wound up being 2 exits past where the entrance to the mountain parking spot is!! The right way out takes you right to the spot. Ah well, we got some road saddle time in!!

Dom took Terry back up to grab the truck (thanks Phil!!) so that we could hit one more run and call it a day. And that we did! The run we did was a bit shorter, and I knew where to go when we popped out on the road. A great day all around.

Stay tuned, I may be hitting up Seymour tomorrow with TB!

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