Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Ride of 2009

It was a bit cool, but sunny, and the plan was already set in stone to get out and get dirty. So we (Isabelle, Phil, Terry & I) did!

The rides got started about 1:30p with us all loading in to Phil's truck, and heading up to the top of Burnaby mountain - aka SFU.

The first run down, I sat out while the rest headed down 'Gear Jammer'. I knew it was going to be messy for at the top there was snow, and at the bottom it was dry. So somewhere in between, the snow HAD to be melting! And it was, have a look at Phil.

The next run down it was Terry's turn to sit out, and so Les Deguise et moi headed down 'Mel's Trail', and I got to experience first hand what the conditions were like. Though there was some snow, it was bearable, and super fun!!

Isabelle sat out the next run so that Terry, Phil & I could hit up 'Nicole's Trail', then Phil sat out for another run down 'Gear Jammer'. I sat out one more run, and the other 3 hit up 'Gear Jammer' one last time.

Iz took a photo of her dirty bike while she waited for us

After the ride, we had to clean up all of our crap, which wasn't much fun, as that included our clothes - and the water was cold!!! Terry dropped his pants before washing them. Smart in that he didn't get as cold as us, but dumb as it allowed me to snap the following photo! All in all, a super fun time!!