Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whistler in the Fall

Terry, Phil, Jake & I headed to Whistler today.

The drive was a heck of an event, taking us 3+ hours!! We left on good time, but weren't on the him until after noon!!

No matter, this time of year there is NO line up to speak of, and we got 5 solid runs in before lift closing.

First was a warm up down Dirt Merchant. A sweet jumpy and flowy trail.

Next we headed to the top, and did a top to bottom run of jumps. Starting with Freight Train, heading in to Sidetrack to Renegade. We the finished off with Dirt Merchant and A-Line.

Back to the top we went, for a sweet technical run. We dropped in to Original Sin which put us in to Goats Gulley. Then we headed to In Deep which took us to Fatcrobat. We then took Too Tight to the mid station.

Phew, we're not done yet, and I'm getting tired describing the run!! Imagine how draining it is riding it!!

At mid station we headed to Schleyer, likely my favourite trail on the mountain, and I think it is both Phil and Terry's too.

After Schleyer it was in to Rock City. A great little run in itself. At a split Jake & Phil decided to take Clown Shoes, while Terry & I zipped over to finish off World Cup Downhill. All of us hit Heart of Darkness to get to the chair lift.

That is the epic run, as Terry & Phil call it. Awesome!!

We headed back up for a quick run of Angry Pirate to Crab Apple Hits to A-Line. A sweet flow run that is.

Our last run of the day was a nice green trail run down Crank It Up to Heart of Darkness. Sweet!!

It was a great day with nothing but a flat tire slowing us down by yours truly. Capped off with some sweet burgers and a beer at Splits Grill.

The four of us on the way up the mountain.

I flatted near the end of In Deep.

Phil rides the 'triple hump' on Fatcrobat.

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