Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heading Home

Waking up at about 8:00am, Terry's aunt made us a great big breakfast. Bacon, eggs, blackberry pancakes and juice. Just what we needed to get started!

We took our time getting ready to go, as we were aiming to get on the 2:30 ferry, so no rush.

I felt way better this day than I did on day 2 last year!! Never the less, my goal was to tale it easy, and just make it to the end without bonking!

Heading home was much f the see as getting there. Lots of hills, lots of Alex locking his wheel up on decents, lots of watching Terry & Alex kick my butt up the hill.

In the end we all made it without bonking, and made it to North Vancouver in time for an early dinner at a pub that Alex suggested. It was delicious, and the drinks were great too!!

I look forward to next year!

The three amigos in Sechelt.

Terry & his big drink.

Alex & his big drink.

Mmmmm, big drink!!

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