Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ride to the Sunshine Coast 2008

The day started with me getting up at about 8:00. I scarfed down some cereal and then headed for the SkyTrain. I was to be at Terry's for 9:30 in order to meet Alex in North Vancouver for 10ish. Well the train wasn't on time, and the bus at the other end of the line was nor leaving for 15 minutes, so I rode to Terry's, arriving at about 9:45.

No problem, we then booted to the Lions Gate bridge, and met with Alex. Then the fun really began.

Riding Marine Dr. is a blast. Lots of undulating hills. Terry & I had a blast, but poor Alex was riding a fixed gear bike, with no brakes. He had to work going up and down hill. Not as much fun in my mind, but he was smiling

We arrived at the ferry terminal just in time to make the 11:20 ferry to Lonsdale. Once on the Sunshine Coast it was time to climb. We hammered up the long ascent and got to the Wheatberries Cafe in Gibsons in time for a late lunch.

Back on the bikes for about another 40km of riding until we got to Terry's aunt's place in Halfmoon Bay. Arriving around 4ish, she had beers, guacamole and chips waiting. Awesome!!

After having ridden a bit over 80km, we were tired to say the least. Bed time came at 8:00!!

This was what I saw most of the time....Terry & Alex's backs as the zipped away.

The view of the land around us as we ferried away.

My two riding buddies relaxing on the ferry ride.

Same two goofs, pointing at different things!

I was on the ride too.

The glorious destination.

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