Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cypress After Fromme

Whooie, what a day! As you can see from the previous post, I rode a pretty killer lap on Fromme with the Brodie Boys, Andrew & Bruce, and then headed to Cypress for some laps with Alex & Lindsay.

We first hit up Sex Girl which is a killer stunt trail, with a few steeps on it, and a wicked hard switchback section, ending out with some fun flow corners. I love that trail.

Then we went back up and did a marathon ride down Sterl's Trail which is always good times. Unfortunately for Alex, he did not have his best ride ever. Lots of bike attacks, and skinny bail-outs causing his first experience on the trail to not be his best. Thankfully he does see the potential in the trail through his clouded hatred of the ride.

Greatest thing about today of all; no flats! I am hopeful that my bike is back in love with me, and is going to be good to me the rest of the season.

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