Monday, August 17, 2009

Crankworx 2009

This was yet another great long weekend. This time a big crew (Lisa, Don, Alex, Lindsay, Scott, Katherine, Gina, Iz, Terry & I) spent time in Whistler.

We had a great place rented in the Blueberry Hill area before the Village that slept us all comfortably.

The majority of us arrived Thursday night, and had a good night of catching up.

Friday was a day spent in the park. Wow it was busy! We knew from the get go that this weekend would not be a weekend dedicated to tons of runs, as it is insane during the Crankworx weekend. We did a few runs though, and it was a good day, just a bit overcast.

Saturday Iz, Terry & I took advantage of the demonstration tents and hit up an XC ride on 'Kill Me Thrill Me'. It was super fun! Iz & I both demoed top-of-the-line Specialized dual suspension XC bikes (mine a Stumpjumper, hers a Saphire) that weighed around 25lbs! Terry rode a Giant bike, and Lindsay rode her own bike. The trail was epic! So fun, super flowy, and the climbs were actually enjoyable, challenging but fun! The trail was only about 5kms long, so the total ride was around an hour.

We spent the afternoon watching the craziness that is the 'Slopestyle' event. Guys launching themselves off of crazy stunts, doing ridiculous tricks. Very cool to watch indeed.

The night was debauchery as expected, starting at Merlin's with burgers and beers, and ending late back in the Chalet.

Sunday was a few more laps in the park for Terry, Lindsay & I while Isabelle did an 'all-mountain' ride with a group of her MuddBunnies firends.. Terry took out a Giant Reign SX for a spin, as that's the bike he's leaning heavily towards purchasing next year. I'm looking at the Giant Faith 0.

After our laps on the course, Scott, Terry & I went up and watched the Pro. Men race the DH course. They were CRAZY fast; very impressive stuff.

Click here to see all the photos Iz & I took.

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