Sunday, August 9, 2009

3rd Annual Road Ride to Halfmoon Bay

For the third straight year, Terry & I rode our road bikes to the Sunshine Coast. This time our party increased by 2 more, and we had a peloton of 5 with Alex rejoining the ride, long with Lindsay and Isabelle coming along as first timers.

Saturday the weather was a bit overcast, but that was alright as it kept the heat down. The ride to Terry's aunt Patti's is a bit more uphill there than home, which is good in my opinion as you're pretty tired after riding around 80kms no matter how you cut it.

When we arrived Patti treated us to a welcome home as always, with some beers and relaxing while we all took turns showering. Dinner was amazing again (she's not giving us any reason to stop this tradition) with pork tenderloin in a blackberry sauce along with yummy potatoes, a couple of different salads, spinach and grilled vegetables. Dessert was ice cream, and some wafer cookies, which you can not go wrong with!

We all turned in pretty early (I am sure I was asleep by 9) as we were tired to say the least.

Sunday we were put to work before our delicious breakfast as Terry's parents had some split wood delivered. The five of us made short work of stacking a bit over a chord of wood, then devoured blackberry pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon on the side.

The ride home was a bit nicer weather as even the sun made an appearance.

All in all, a ride I enjoy doing, and look forward to annually!

Check out all of the photos by clicking on the one below.

Team Rebec & Kroes (aka: team awesome!)

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