Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trail Day on Seymour

Today was an IMBA trail day up on Mt. Seymour, dedicated to CBC trail. It started at 8:30a, but there was NO way in heck that Iz & I were going to get up that early after such a long a(and fun) day on the Big W.

So we joined up at about 11a, and got right in to it. I think us coming late was good, as we had fresh energy! Found some rocks here, dug some dirt for others there. Felt nice doing something on the trail that we ride so much. I think that the other 100+ people agreed!

It was fun, saw some familiar faces, and even got some free schwag as there was a pretty good dosage of sponsors out supporting the efforts.

The day ended at about 4p. Iz & I dawned our gear, and ripped down the trail we'd just finished working on, with goals of hitting up Ping and Team Pangor. Well, Iz got to complete the plan, but I got a flat at the end of CBC so I hitched a ride down with a fellow rider in his truck, and met her there. Iz tells me she had a great ride, no falls, and only walked a couple of sections!

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