Saturday, June 6, 2009

Extended Day of Play

Alex, Iz, Lindsay, Phil & I headed up to Whistler today. The weather finally has cooled down, but it was still a gorgeous sunny day.

We rode from about noon to 6:30p, and it was amazing.

No one got hurt, we hit up some super tech trails, and conquered some fears.

For me, I finally let go of the brakes on the lower part of A-Line and hit the transitions on the last 3 big jumps. In fact, the last jump I landed half way down! It felt so great, finally am getting comfortable on the new bike.

For Iz, she hit some super gnarly sections on Joy Ride that even Phil & I found pretty sketchy, and made it look easy! It is so fun watching her progression; she's rocking!! She also hit the creek gap at the end of Dirt Merchant which is awesome!!

After the day on the hill, we hit up the local Irish pub for some beers and grub, and to catch the end of the hockey game. Poor Pittsburgh, hope they can rally the troops for the next two games!!

We got home at about 10p, and hit the sack for a well deserved sleep.

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