Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 Laps on Mt. Seymour

Last night the crew (Adam, Sam, Terry, Lindsay, Alex, Jeff) & I hit up Mt. Seymour. we ran two laps, it was killer!!

Lap ¹took us down CBC to Pingu to Team Pangor. I was super happy as I hit the two drops at the split between Ping and Salvation that I'd never done before. Photos will be taken next time!

Lap 2 was CBC to Pingu to Boogie Man. It was appropriate to ride Boogie when we did, as it was getting dark!! Good riding down that trail, but still lots to conquer for me as it's gnar!!

All in all 2 wicked laps with a great bunch of folks. no serious injuries, and only a flat tire by Alex, and a broken chain by Jeff slowed us down.

Can't wait until next time!!

The Boys Scoping Out The Big Boogie Man Drop

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