Sunday, April 26, 2009

Super Deception

Terry, John, Iz & I headed to the hills over in Belcarra for a race today called the John Henry West Coast Super D. We were fully expecting there to be SOME climbing, but this was basically a one rune XC race!! The climbs were killer.

Ah well, we all had fun, and all got free swag too. For a $15 race, it was well organized, and the weather was great, so being out on the bike made us smile!

Iz did her run in about 19 minutes
Terry at about 17:40
John at 17:30
I turned around a 17:10

Full results here.

Terry & I were in the largest category of 30+, and came 28th and 26th respectively.

Iz was top 5 for her group, though there were only 5.... I'm still super proud of her, and am glad she partook.

Johnny P. came second last in his class, but he was competing against yahoos that are like 21 and ride every single day... oh, and his bike was at least 10lbs heavier than all of theirs!!

We all then headed over to a pub in Newport Village to have some beers and food as it was a long morning->afternoon!

All 709 photos!!!

Photos of John
Photos of Iz
Photos of Terry
Photos of me
another shot of me

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