Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fromme Take 2

Tonight we (Sam, Isabelle, Terry, Alex & I) rode up Fromme together for the second time this season.

The trail we came down was Espresso and it was my first time down it. I've not ridden Fromme a lot since living out here, as you have to pedal up. Something that I'm finding pleasure in doing again, now that I'm 30... odd?

Anyway, the trail was fun, very old school, and not ridden a lot. ('Yet' I bet is the operative word to add here)

When we got to the bottom, we all climbed in to the car, and I drove them back up for a quick jaunt down Natural High and then met them at the bottom of the trail. It was a bit trick, since we had 5 people, and our car can only carry 3 bikes. Sam hung on to the window frame, Terry sat in the back 'trailering' his bike, while Iz, Alex & I rode inside like normal passengers, our bikes on the roof.

We rode Natural High last week too, so I know what I missed, and it super fun. Lots of wood/built up stunts on it, that are a blast. I wasn't feeling too super well today though, and my energy level was low, so that's why I opted out.

Iz treated us to some DQ Blizzards at the end of the ride to cap things off!

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