Saturday, April 25, 2009

2 Rips on Woodlot

Today was a great day, slept in, had a good breakfast of bacon and eggs, then headed to Maple Ridge with Iz, Phil, John, Terry, Nick & his pal Alex.

The destination was The Woodlot.

We started out with a hike up to Tsuga as we'd ridden it before and knew it was tame enough for a warm-up run, as well as the fact that Iz, Nick & Alex are still getting comfy on the bikes. We then hit Snakes & Ladders to finish off the first run. Fun time, even though Nick blew up his rear wheel. Nick, Alex & Iz finished off the day from there hitting Shotgun.

Here's Phil dropping in on a sweet rock face while I was fixing Nick's wheel

Nick & Alex had to run, and Iz was feeling tired, so it was just Terry, Phil, John & I who hiked back up, this time higher, in order to hit up Crazy Carpenter. Once we dropped in, we could see why - lots of wood stunts, and lots of work cutting logs. A really cool trail for sure, and the nicest thing was that every 'crazy' stunt had a nice round-a-bout for losers like me, err, people not comfortable with the stunts. We then hooked up with Toad Stools that hooked up with some unnamed trail, or at least unmapped trail, the dumped us out on to Shotgun to finish off the day.

We then all headed back to our place for a BBQ and some beers. What a blast!!

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