Wednesday, August 10, 2011

XC Ride on Eagle

My good buddy Steve has been riding in the TriCities area for something like 20 years....there abouts anyway.... and knows the trail system like the back of his hand.

Thus, I like riding with him! He shows me good routes, and gets me pedalling in areas I've not explored.

Tonight was no different as Terry and I got out with Steve he took us up on a lap of Eagle Mountain. I couldn't even tell you the trail names, but here's the "MapMyRide" track and info - click!!

Was a nice treat to hit up these super sweet trails right in our backyard. A 2 hour XC ride that starts higher than it ends is also pretty awesome! The climb up, as you can see, was about 2.5km long, while the remaining 17km was essentially downhill. LOVED IT!

Sadly, I forgot to use my camera on this ride. next time!

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