Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fromme: New Trails, and New Old Trails

Tonight I was invited to go for a lap with my good old pal Andrew.


Yeah, he didn't know I took that photo.

Anyway, we were a pack of 6 - a nice size group of varying abilities from ex-National XC champion Bruce to the bike shop owner to the girlfriend of one of the other guys. That said, nobody held anyone back, and the pace was sweet.

We climbed up past the 6th switchback and headed down a super old school trail I'd never even heard of and hesitate to name on here as I don't know that anyone else would enjoy it.

Well I did, it was super fun! Starting out with a nice log climb and continuing with some classic drops, and rock faces, this trail had it all. Ultimately spitting us out into the bottom of "Seventh" which took us back to the rode.

See between points 4 and 5 where that happened here: (yesterday I used MapMyRide, today trying endomondo as suggested by some pals)

Pedalling back up a bit more and it was down "Executioner" which now has many nicknames as it's a completely new trail after the entrance. I'd say for the best! Wow, super loamie - a must ride for anyone out here ASAP!

"Executioner" dumps you into "Dreamweaver" which is another super fun pumpfest of an XC trail.

All in all, another super fun ride, and a good workout too!!

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