Saturday, May 2, 2009

Old School Trails with Tourists

This morning we (Terry, Phil, Sam & I) met up with a friend of ours from Kelowna who was in town, Marcus, and his brother in law Colin.

We headed up to Mt. Seymour and got to the trail head by about 11.

Our first run was down the classic favourite Pingu to Salvation to Pangor.

Unfortunately for Sam he had a little bail on a very easy section that cost him $60. There was no bet on the section, it was due to his tacoing his front brake rotor, and thus needing to buy a new one.

Sam Installs New Rotor

We headed back up for a second lap, and decided to explore a classic trail called Cunt Buster (hey, I didn't name it!) thought on the maps on the government run signage it's only called C Buster I think for obvious reasons.

Sam After Rolling The Steep Stunt In Background

The trail was super fun, having a good mix of stunts, drops and steeps. It is definitely on the list of trails to include in rides at Mt. Seymour now!

Terry Walking Along A Skinny... He Was Tired

Sadly Marcus & Colin got split from us at one point, and didn't end up riding the trail with us, instead taking a gingerly pedal down the Baden Powel trail.

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