Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Adventure

Terry, Iz & I headed up to Mt. Seymour today with the intentions of exploring, and that we did.

Our first run was pretty uneventful, as we headed over to a very well maintained and mapped trail called Boogie Man. It's a pretty crazy trail, with some steep sections, and wicked huge stunts. We rode around pretty much everything, but it is still a fun trail to ride even without doing the stunts.

One of the long log rides... Terry & Iz opted not to ride it... I did!

Run number two we headed to 'The Dark Side' (named as it's technically 'illegal' to ride) and hit up a trail called Three Chop. A very old trail, soft and loose, and super fun. It pops you out on a road that we should have taken that takes you back to the parking lot... but we decided to cross the road to the other trail we saw. Bad move, as we were thus dumped out in Deep Cove. OOPS!

So Terry & I hitch hiked back up to the parking lot, and then hitched another ride up to the top to fetch the vehicles.

A funny little side note: when we were getting the ride up the mountain, we rode up with Johnny Smoke of Bush Pilot Biking, as he was in town and hitting up Seymour for a few laps. We're riding with him this coming weekend, and it should be epic!!

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